To activate the application you have to send 0.06 BTC to this address: 18THgSaPCukrbCXiTJTUQ7pWcn9ixhp2rf
Transfers are processed within 5 minutes after 6 transaction confirmations
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Wave BTC+15
Participant BTC address Activation Accumulation Expected payoff Time
- 1MThbXfoJpM5GPLHFsFDiSFPHZN9fE6ZSz 0.07000000 0.24541476 Activation needed
Address for activations: 18THgSaPCukrbCXiTJTUQ7pWcn9ixhp2rf
Operations: All, Deposits, Payouts, Refunds, Bonuses, Statuses
ID Time Activation Accumulation Expected payoff Operation Amount