1) You can not only tell about cryptocurrency but also possess it
2) Cryptocurrency gives liberty but not liberation
3) Specify the referrer field of activation change the referrer is not available
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iHBPiqY2V6F4nkotwMZwJg5oLd2huQD6uw application is active
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572725 2016-06-06 20:03:10 Address of the participant has been changed
New: TBcq5pv3UzQ3CkiQo4Yuk8NtYKSvAhFRpZ
Old: iSGN21CYkv8w2i6fjv6ckeDm3HU3H7Qvjn
384128 2016-03-30 20:34:04 Активация заявки BTC Capital 10.000000