SatoshiTest bonus module!
SatoshiTest modules:
time module: 24\24 — no change
module flows: 30\5\5 — no change
sum of activations: 0.01 — no change
module deactivation: -5% once, after transferring in completely and then quitting queue queue — no change
module of greed: 1 application per day from 1 new person.
up to 15 new requests per day throughout formula — no change

And will start.
bonus module: by 2% for each of the 5 levels of referrals, 100 times for activation of the referral. For all applications, from 1 to 15. Received bonuses are deducted from your savings. Payment of the amount of 0.001 btc
28 March 2016, 13:41
Change the second BTC +30 activation amount,% change in formula ITI +30, the inclusion of Bonuses Module in formulas and BTC +30 ITI +30. Discussion on the inclusion of bonuses at SatoshiTest
1.26 March changed the second sum of activations in the BTC Formula +30 with 0.05 to 0.1 BTC
2. ITI +30 gives the maximum receive to up to 20 per cent of the activations

3. With 26.03.2016, temporarily for a period of 14-30 days, included 2 bonus Module's Formulas, ITI +30 and BTC +30

4. Turn on discussion the inclusion of bonuses in Module SatoshiTest

Bonus Module:
Referral bonus is rewarded and automatically routed to receive immediately after made the wallet address referrals activations, specified in the formula for the referrer.
To receive referral bonus, you must have a personal active application in the formula

BTC +30
10% of the amount of activation of referral
1 time per 1 activate referral (15 bids from 15 possible)
the amount of personal savings by not declining for the sum of activations of the received bonus
as soon as you activate referral

ITI +30
10% of the amount of activation of referral
100 times over 100 activations referrals (15 bids from 15 possible)
the amount of personal savings on activations is reduced by the amount of received bonuses
as soon as you activate referral
The General parameters of the formula: up to +20% to personal activations, the mandatory presence of at least one personal applications (2 ITI).
It is possible that the amount received bonuses exceed personal savings — in this case, when the 1 place the participant moves down the queue.

Is made for discussion and inclusion with 27.03.2016 Module Bonuses in the formula SatoshiTest
5% of amount of activating the referral
5 times due to activation of referrals (15 bids from 15 possible)
the amount of personal savings on activations is reduced by the amount of received bonuses
as soon as you activate referral

Answers to questions and vote for future Module-in the community
26 March 2016, 19:02
accelerate BTCwave
What is in the parameters:
time module: 24 \ 24- without changes
module: flows 30 \5\5- without changes
sum of activations: 0.07 -0.06 -0.05 -0.04… without changes
plugin deactivation: -5% once, after transferring in completely and then quitting queue queue- without changes
the greed of the module (NEW): 1 application per day from 1 new person. up to 10 new applications a day throughout formula unchanged
bonus module: under development. 2-4 day.

accelerate payment module held details of vote link

your getting help now 3-4 days
21 March 2016, 08:43
IMPORTANT: about app creating and limitation on adding new apps
In each formula it’s allowed to create 1 to 15 applications

In its turn, for any 24h period it’s allowed to create only 1 application

There are new daily limits on adding new applications imposed at each formula

Inactive applications that have already been created can be activated in any amounts but not exceeding limit on maximum amount of active applications for each formula

Notification about exceeding the limit mentioned above and about inability to make activations you can see at your application pages
In case of ignoring this notification as well as in case of multiple sending the activation by several participants at the same time such activations would be returned excluding commission fee
18 March 2016, 17:44
Change in Deactivation Module, time and amount of participation at Wave-BTC Formula and SatoshiTest
1. Time
In 24 hours participants can see address for making activation and then there are 24 hours to perform such an activation and go on
2. Amount
Due to double-increase in time provided for activations their amounts increase to 0.01 BTC at SatoshiTest and to 0.07-0.06-0.05-.0.04-0.05-0.06-…BTC at Wave-Bitcoin Formula

Deactivation Module

In case of missing activation (if more than 48 hours have passed from the moment of last activation) the accumulated amount of activation then reduces by 5%. Further, if activation misses once again (twice in a row) then in 72 hours since the moment of last activation such an application moves to the end of the queue. After third missing activation application becomes inactive and amount of accumulated savings decreases by
1% every 28 days
14 March 2016, 19:54
Vote please accept participation of each.
Комплексное голосование по 3 формулам затрагивает увлечения сумм на выплаты
The vote makes changes
The amount and time for activations (vote 3 days on it)
1) SatoshiTest 24/24 h
2) BTCwave 24/24 h
3) SatoshiTest 0, 01btc
4) BTCwave 0,08-0,07-0,06-0.05 -0.06 -0.07… btc
5) BTC30 0.3 \ 0.1 (increase the second sum is activated)
6) deactivation Module for these formulas. One pass-a decline of 5% second pass-move in the end third-exits the active request, decrease to 1% every 28 days

!!!Vote against the decision.!!!

!!! I have an opinion!!!
10 March 2016, 09:40
modules Formula BTC+30%!
Note the work Formula modules BTC +30%!

Just one week run updates-with 11 February-have received over 203 BTC! For all the «old» applications during this time Formula for 2-3 TIMES! Each received from 200% to 300% to activations! It is your merit!
The number of active bids increased by 2.6 times!

BTC+30% settings

Time activations
via 24h available address for activations
and 24h is it to comply
Calculation of time to receive = help requests in queue \ on the number of times a day.
(the calculation for new application itself you will see payment)

Sum of activations
2 the amount of participation:
chosen when new application and in continuing to participate after receiving assistance

Module deactivation:
1-St skip activation-reduced amount of savings at 5% with saving places in the queue
2-nd skip activation (immediately following 1-m pass)-transfer at the end of the queue without reducing the amount ofsavings

Module flow of 30/0/0
Compares the number of active applications from the previous day. Has 2 functions:
-Accounts each activation for each day: appends the activation of +30%( If more applications), 0% ( If the Formula is the same number of applications), 0% on activation by reducing the number of applications
-Increases the maximum amount for the receipt of assistance each day while increasing active bids (coeff. inflow)

Payment module:
Calculates the FORECAST whenever the number of active applications, PAYING up to +30% to the sum of activations, andNOT EXCEEDING the maximum amount prediction
The maximum Forecast is the number of active bids * coeff. inflow

At the moment the BTC +30% is the formula that for the shortest period of time provides the big payouts through the highest amounts of activations.
Warn about possible risks new entrants-that when sending activations coins produced directly by the participants, and theirreturn is impossible because the network has, as well as the need to maintain a steady flow of new applications for obtaining a Bitcoin +30%
19 February 2016, 19:50
Updated ITI30 18.01.2016 year started its work without merging the two formulae ITIcoin
Updated ITI +30 18.01.2016 year started its work without merging the two formulae ITIcoin

1. No validation.

2. each individual account activation, the maximum percentage to the amount of 30%-activations
(30% to each activation is charged in the case, if the number of participants increases by 1 every day)

3. the amount of the previous activation: 2 ITI

4. Has not changed the activation time: one in the 2.5-3 days (within forty-eight hours for activation and address is available twenty-four hours is given for execution)

5. When skipping activation through 72 hours of hoarding party by 5%, without loss of rooms in the queue. Plugin Deactivation:
Three passes three activation decline, fourth pass-move to the last position in the queue without slowing to 5%, with a total savings after three declines.
Algorithm of three reduction and transfer at the end of the queue is repeated until complete zeroing of savings.

6. module flow of 30-15-5%
Module flow of 1 times in twenty-four hours checks the number of active bids.
If they are less than the previous day to the activations are added 5%, if the number of applications has not changed-to 15% is added to the activations If applications become dated 1 more-to the activations of this day is added 30%

7. payments Module 8: ichi at 152 active bids
The Payment Module and the module also works by increasing or decreasing the Inflow amount. This allows you to keep a certain number of payments per day and gives possibility to predict the number of required amounts for activations.

8. Referral Bonus: 1% on the first 10-minute activations referral line 1

Update the Formulas SatoshiTest and Wave Bitcoin:
Payment Module is connected with the increase of the amount of active orders when zoomed

All Formulas added ability to create additional applications — a maximum of 15 on 1 account

Frozen Formula ITI +50 BTC +30. Take part in the discussion and voting options for updating these formulas. Links are available to members only:
ITI +50
BTC + 30%
18 January 2016, 15:51
January, 15th is the day of the big reforms based on a result of voting as well as on proposals by community members
January, 15th is the day of the big reforms
based on a result of voting
as well as on proposals by community members

Checking up for validated and invalidated participants is turning off in all formulas
Interest on mutual aid received is proposed to increase in Wave Bitcoin up to 50% temporarily for 14 days (to attract new participants)

1. From 15th January 2016 Formula BTC+30% freezes for indefinite period of time (min. 30 days) — until Payout Module to be verified and experienced at other formulas and voting on its amount of activation and payout to be conducted

2.Formulas ITI+50% and ITI+30% freeze for next 72-120 hours for verification and transfer of participants to ITI+30% Formula. At the beginning of the united queue of the participants there will be those of Formula ITI+50% as they have larger amount of initial queue balance

3.On 15th-16th January Payout Modules to be turned on at Formulas WaveBTC and SatoshiTest

4.On 15th-16th January the amount of savings accumulated by participants of Formula SatoshiTest to be fixed as preparation for its individual accounting is underway

5.On 16th-17th January Deactivation Module and Inflow Module to be turned on. Deactivation Module has importance as time and the amount of activations at Formula SatoshiTest to be changed soon

6.On 17th-18th January the time and amount of activations at Formula SatoshiTest to be changed

7.On 19th-20th January United Formula ITI+50% to be switched on together with all its Modules
From 20th January participant may create a few applications per each Formula
15 January 2016, 10:39
the country needs your voice! :)
Module flows
Vote on the link
This module directly speeds up any formula.
option © describes the current acceleration formula.
It is calculated times twenty-four hours and controls% for the amount of activations. (time calculation will be published separately)
©>0 the 30%-50% per activation!
You are prompted to select the % charge to activate if (C =0 C<0):





Module de activation
Vote on the link
This module gives the lose space in the queue and reduces % savings for every missed activation.
You are prompted to select the% that will decrease the amount of savings.




11 January 2016, 06:49
Satoshitest 3.0 update:
by #SatoshiTest
to implement a migration to update:
1) will increase the amount of activations 0.006 BTC for activation
2) will install all common 5%
3) also remains time to reduce savings day 21 after the end of the timer (50%) reduction
4) these terms will work before you implement updates. (terms and conditions update programmers)

Satoshitest 3.0 update:
1) accrual individually on each activation of the individual%
2) the inclusion of a module «influx» calculating the number of participants
3) engine update «deactivate»-not falling in line and reduce the savings at x% (3% for example voting) in the absence of activation.

! After the advent of updates will be!:
1) warning (approximately twenty-four hours prior to inclusion) about the readiness of the implementation
2) at the appointed time the sum of beginning according to updates.
3) 0.003btc activations

Everything is in the development stage. and requires your interest and attention!
3 January 2016, 16:44