3 BTC for 20 winners!
3 BTC 20 winners! lotteries! for 0.15 BTC to the winner! 12/27/2015 lottery live online.
1) activation in iti32 from 12/21/2015 on 12/25/2015
2) Activation iti = 65 or more.
3) The winner activation BTCCAPITAL + 0.10btc (the purse), active application BTCCAPITAL 0.15 BTC (the purse)
20 December 2015, 12:31
from 10 to 20 December holiday offer in iti40!
from 10 to 20 December will be restructured iti 40.
details here link to English video

From 10 to 20 December will be restructured iti 40.
(Activation coins)-(payouts coin) = А
any amount up to the number of (А) multiply by 2.
example: (А) = 100
a) activation in iti32 20 coins. 20 coins activates additional accrual.
b) activation in iti32 50 coins. 50 coins activates additional accrual
c) activation in iti32 80 coins. 20 coins activates additional accrual, not more than the value (А)
Restructuring PLAN with 10 December to December 20, 2015:
1) with 10 December to 12 December activation in iti 32
2) 13 December calculation
3) with 13 December to 19 December activation in iti 32
4) 20 December calculation
From 9 December and all further period iti40 will be a minimum activation in 20000 coins.
Activated December 20 and December 13 will be held under the 0%.
After the completion of the restructuring of the iti 40 will be fully configured under the new parameters. And work as a completely new formula.
any claim after 20.12.2015 will not be considered.
link to Russian description
25 November 2015, 11:37
ITI 50%

1) iti 2 activation
2) decrease in savings at 50% after 28 days
3) you can activate through 48 hours

16 November 2015, 11:51
Fiery Bitcoin Festival!!!!
On Sunday, 15 November 2015, 16:00.
will be held 3 Superdraw Bitcoin, three winners will receive 1 BTC

To participate, you must:
Register on the site
Create an application in 32% + ITI formula
9 November to 14 November, activate this formula at 50 ITIcoin
See the draw in October 15, 2015 16:00 MSK

rus text

as well as recall voting for formula iti50 more here
7 November 2015, 19:59
iti 30 the first stage of voting update will apply ....
Results of voting by the formula 30 iti
1) Reduced accumulation by 50% every 28 days with an inactive application.
2) the activation rate every 48 hours and 24 hours of activation. formula gives 30% and 5% validated not validated.
3) the amount of activation 2 iti
10/29/2015 changes will take effect. Thanks to everyone who made this decision.

27 October 2015, 11:08
Satoshi TEST Update and has become the most popular formulas
Satoshi TEST was updated and has become the most popular formula.
1. The interval between activation increased to 7 hours.Time to complete activation was increased to 7 hours too! You can do the activation 2 or 3 times a day — everyone decides for himself.
(Two activations per day — available to everyone.)
2. The amount of activation grows to 300 thousand Satoshi (0,003 BTC)
3. Referral сommission was changed. Now it is 1% (0.003 BTC) of each activation of the referral from the first line.
Changes have been applied taking into account the views of the majority.
The tradition of the community — to respect the opinion of all the participants.
During the month the number of SatoshiTest participants increased more than 2 times! Congratulations!
16 August 2015, 21:31
Bitcoin hot news
At the peak, there were more than 50,000 unconfirmed transactions waiting to be mined into a block, resulting in delays for normal transactions to be confirmed. While the network has been working to decrease this backlog — transactions are down to 31,000 at time of this article’s writing — the type of transactions that are being sent suggest this is a continuation of a stress test that has been put on the system.

There have been numerous transactions hitting the network with tiny transaction values, such as 0.0001 bitcoin being sent repeatedly. While not every transaction has been this exact size, there have been numerous others sent every second, reaching hundreds of transactions per second at the peak.

Further, the physical sizes of these transactions are significantly greater than other ones with far more value. Due to the 1 megabyte cap on block size, the mining network has found it difficult to process all these small transactions.

In the past several weeks, similar stress tests have been run to inform the debate about whether to increase the total size of a block. Many argue that increasing it past 1 megabyte would be disastrous to the system. However, Gavin Andresen has argued for increasing it to 20 megabytes so that more total transactions could fit within one block, thus preventing scenarios and delays like are currently being seen.

The current proposed solution by some miners has been to raise it to 8 megabytes. Others have suggested the implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which is in development to implement hashed time-lock contracts between people.
13 July 2015, 16:26